Business Principles

  • Ownership
  • Discipline
  • Commitment
  • Client Communication
  • Management fee


To align our interest with that of our investors, we have committed to invest our capital to the extent of 5% of investors funds under management and also will run a mirror portfolio for the prop fund. Thus our incentives are driven by the performance of our investor's portfolio over a long time frame. We will always put our clients interest ahead of our and will treat all clients equally.


At the heart of our investment discipline, we believe in generating attractive returns without commensurate risk and eliminating investment opportunities that may bear the risk of permanent capital erosion. Our investment decisions are driven by actions to produce consistency, protection of capital, and superior performance in bad times.


Research has been our passion. We believe successful investment outcome are a by-product of insights, discipline, conviction and patience. Thus we spend most of our time on gaining insights about businesses from leaders, competitors, consumers and market place. This means less time for fund raising or to run a segregated mandate for multiple portfolios. We prefer doing business in this manner even if it means to manage less money. Thus prefer to partner with investors whose interests are aligned with our interest of commitment and patience.

Client Communication

In order to succeed in our collective endeavours, it is critical that our clients understand our investment philosophies, process, decisions and results. If any of these comes as a surprise to our clients, then we have failed in our endeavours. During adverse conditions or times of misjudgements, it is better to be upfront about our short comings. Likewise we should refrain from taking undue credit for spectacular performance.

Management fee

We believe our compensation to manage funds is just only when we have added value and enables us to further our relationship with our clients. While we provide a fixed and variable fee structure to our clients, we believe all clients will be charged in an equitable manner for a comparable size.

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